What Happens During A Roofing Estimate?

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Summit Roofing and Siding inspected a roof in Lansdale and offered a project estimate.
It's (hopefully) not often that you need to have your roof repaired or replaced entirely. When the time comes, a professional estimate is an important first step towards a long term solution.

Roofing Estimate - Lansdale

Recently, the Summit Roofing & Sidingteam performed an estimate on a roof in Lansdale. New homeowners had been advised by their home inspector to address some items, but they weren't sure whether the roof could be repaired or needed to be replaced entirely. The roof was original to the home and was approximately 15-20 years old. The shingle quality was builder grade, meaning a reduced lifespan compared to roofs installed by Summit.

Roofing & Siding Inspection

During our time in Lansdale, we noticed these key elements:

  • Loose shingles and missing nails - susceptible to wind damage.
  • Poor chimney flashing - a common spot for leaks.
  • Loose soffit - visible insulation.
  • Aging skylights - another common spot for leaks.
  • Rusty pipe collars - easily replaced during a new roof installation.
  • Missing siding - pieces completely removed from multiple places.

Based on these items and more, Summit Roofing & Siding recommended a full roof replacement for this home. In addition, siding replacement was also recommended. As part of this work, the skylights would be replaced and all other minor items would be addressed.

What Happens During An Estimate?

During a standard roofing estimate, the experts at Summit Roofing & Siding will take a holistic view of your home's roofing and siding in order to offer the best recommendation. They will then discuss a plan for meeting your goals and ensuring a long-term solution. Once an estimate is accepted, Summit will then schedule time for the work to be done. The overall key is the estimate - since all work is based on what's seen, it's important to get that process correct. Summit Roofing & Siding takes extra care to spend the proper time evaluating your home to make sure the final solution is the right one! Need an estimate for some roofing and/or siding work at your house? Contact Summit today!

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