Common Winter Roofing Problems

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Winter Roofing Problems

Winter has only just begun! This time of year brings weather that can cause serious damage to your roof. Here are a few roof problems to watch out for this winter and what you can do to get them fixed.

Hail Damage

Hail storms can cause significant damage, leaving dents and dark spots on asphalt roofs. They can also cause harm to shingles, skylights, gutters and vent hoods. If you don’t take care of the damage right away, water may leak into your home causing even more issues. It’s important to call experienced experts like us to check your roof for hail damage. We provide free and thorough inspections and make the proper repairs to restore your roof to its full functionality.

Snow Buildup

With winter comes snow, and often lots of it. Heavy snowfall can exceed the load capacity of your roof, especially older roofs that are flat or have low-slope pitches. Heavy snowfall can also lead to ice dams, which you will read more about below. When possible, remove the snow from the ground, carefully using a long snow rake. Use caution and stand clear of falling snow. Use care to avoid dislodging shingles and gutters. We do not recommend removing snow while on the roof. This is very dangerous and should only be done by a professional in an emergency situation.

Ice Dams

The snowy winter weather can cause the formation of ice dams along the edges of your roof. Ice dams can form when snow stays on your roof for more than a few days and warm air from your living space leaks into the attic causing the snow to melt. Water trapped behind an ice dam can flow under shingles and leak into your house, resulting in interior water damage. The best way to prevent ice dams on your roof is to keep snow removed from the edges of the roof and to keep gutters clear so water drains effectively. Ice dam removal can often cause additional damage to roof and gutter and downspout surfaces, so it’s best to wait until they have thawed before taking action on a prevention plan. At Summit Roofing, we make sure that your home stays safe and dry throughout the winter.

The rough winters can cause major damage to your roof. Make sure to watch out for these issues in particular: hail damage, snow buildup, and ice dams. If you think you might have any of those, don’t hesitate to contact us.