Residential Roofing

Man installing shingle roof replacement over ridge roof vent

If you have a roof over your head, you have the greatest security anyone needs in life. This National Roof Over Your Head Day, make sure that roof lasts you and your family for years to come. This could be the best time of year to give a little pampering to your roof. After all, it protects you and your family, day in and day out, from wind, rain, heat, and cold.

Repaint your roof, clean up the mess that might have accumulated over the years, and most importantly, register for an annual roof inspection plan. This will help you identify any faults early and get them fixed before a major mishap occurs. Roofs do not come with a warranty because they require consistent maintenance due to the constant wear and tear they face in form of gutter blocks, wood rot, shingling damage, weather damage, etc. But this isn’t a one-day job, it is an ongoing process.

Below are top residential roofing tips from experts to extend the life of your roof.

1. Clean Up Regularly

Every once in a while, clean up the dirt and debris that might have accumulated due to wind, or rain. You might see algae formation that you need to scrape off and apply something to keep mold at bay. Depending on the vegetation in your area you can identify whether cleaning is required on a monthly or quarterly basis.

2. Save Your Gutters

Clogging of gutters is a serious issue; it causes various problems apart from reducing the longevity of your roof due to water and waste accumulation. Do not let a rainstorm lead to overflowing gutters. Instead, check them regularly, especially before and after rain, to clear up any accumulated debris.

3. Fix Minor Problems Regularly

One of our most useful residential roofing tips is to fix minor problems as soon as you spot them. Seek the help of experts to fix broken tiles, pipes, and damaged moldings immediately after you notice them. Firstly, this would prevent any further damage, and secondly, it would uncover any underlying issues, such as waterproofing damage or rodent attack, early. Simple and quick roof repairs will extend the life of almost any roof. 

4. Self-Inspect the Roof

After a windstorm or hail, make sure that you check your roof for damage. Most often, it is the seasonal damage that, if unchecked, amplifies to greater problems later. Main activities during such inspections include removing any debris, clearing the gutters, identifying and fixing water-pooling issues.

5. Keep an Eye on Attic Ventilation

Maintaining circulation of hot air out and cool air in is essential for roof health. Hot air harbors mold and fungus. A damp attic is a way to age your roof early. Check your roof vent, clean up the filters, and ensure that soffits are in good shape.

6. Trim the Trees

While this may seem too over the top but is a necessary step. In case, you are surrounded by a thick tree cover, your roof is most likely to be hit by branches and even broken treetops during storms. So, it is better to trim them and keep branches away from your roof. In addition, this can prevent tree branches constantly scrubbing against the roof and slowly depleting its strength.


The key take away from this is that residential roofing maintenance is all about the little things. Taking a few minutes to inspect your roof regularly can save you a lot of hassle and expenses of making major repairs. Consult an expert to help you with this.