The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Siding

A close-up of a brand new energy-efficient home siding installation on a suburban home, featuring an outdoor energy meter covered in snow. The energy meter shows that the energy consumption of the property is low despite the cold weather.

Energy-efficient siding can help you save money, improve the quality of your home, and protect it against severe weather. It also improves your comfort, increases indoor temperature, and helps ensure that your home’s foundation is safe from damage. By installing this type of siding on your property, you will be doing something good for yourself and the environment. In this blog, we’ll discuss what Summit Roofing & Siding Contractors have found to be the top benefits of energy-efficient siding installation in Pennsylvania.

Increased Home Value, Quality, and Resale

It is important to note that a home’s resale value is often determined by the quality of its exterior. A poorly maintained or unattractive exterior can negatively impact a home’s worth. Attractive, energy-efficient siding, on the other hand, may actually increase it. If you are interested in selling your home fast, good quality siding can help you achieve this goal.

Not only will your home appear more valuable with high-quality siding installed, but it will add value to your property. According to research conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, homes with resilient siding were valued at $2 per square foot more than those without. That makes siding installation in PA one of the easiest ways to maximize your home’s value. 

Improved Comfort and Indoor Temperature

There are a number of ways in which energy-efficient siding can help reduce the need for air conditioning. One of these is better insulation. Insulation provided by energy-efficient siding materials will allow you to better regulate your heating and cooling. You won’t have to use as much energy on heating or cooling your home, so you save money.

Another way that energy-efficient siding helps with indoor temperature is by blocking sunlight from entering through windows. This is especially helpful during those hot days when the sun shining through open windows, causing rapid temperature increases.

Energy-efficient siding also prevents heat loss from outside sources such as windchill by keeping them out of your house. This is made possible by the siding’s improved air sealing qualities that block wind and moisture from your home.

Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity & Foundation

Proper siding installation can protect your home’s structural integrity and foundation. The right type of siding will help prevent water damage to your home, as well as harsh weather damage that can result in costly repair bills down the road.

When moisture gets into your home, it can cause damage to walls, floors, and other areas like windows and doors. This damage can result in increased heat loss through poorly sealed windows and doors. Energy-efficient sidings typically feature specially designed facings that are easy for installers to tape into place after installation. They are easier to seal than typical batten-style sidings without sacrificing aesthetics or strength.

Siding also protects your home from termites, which are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage each year. If you want to protect your investment in a new home purchase or if you’re looking to add value to an existing property, consider investing in energy-efficient siding products like vinyl or aluminum so that they provide long-term protection against costly repairs.

Better Air Quality

Another benefit of energy-efficient siding is that it reduces air pollution. As the sun heats and cools your home, it creates negative pressure in your home with excess hot or cold air escaping. This can cause dust and pollen to spread throughout your home, leading to an increase in asthma attacks, allergies, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems. Energy-efficient siding will prevent this from occurring because it seals out humidity while cutting down on noise pollution generated by wind and rain hitting windows or roofs.

Save Money on Utility Bills

One of the greatest benefits of energy-efficient siding is that it can help you save money on your utility bills. That means improved installation and air sealing have real, tangible benefits that you can see on your monthly utility bill and general home maintenance costs. Examples include:

  • Energy-Efficient Siding can help lower heating and cooling costs by reflecting sunlight and absorbing heat from the sun.
  • These siding materials reflect UV light will prevent fading carpets and furniture within your home.
  • Siding that absorbs moisture helps reduce mold growth inside the walls of your house, keeping them healthier for longer periods of time

Homeowners looking to keep their bills low and their spaces in pristine condition, energy-efficient siding is a no-brainer with an instant return on investment. For added energy-cost benefits, energy-efficient roofing materials can be used in conjunction with sustainable siding materials for.

Help the Environment and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Siding helps reduce pollution in the air by trapping heat inside your home during cold weather months and keeping cool air locked inside during hot months—all without using fossil fuels such as oil or gas! That means less carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that generate electricity at nuclear plants; less carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere when we burn gasoline; fewer resources used up by manufacturing materials like glass or plastic bottles (since these are made from recycled aluminum).

Beyond using less energy in your home, effective and energy-efficient siding prevents water runoff and erosion. Rain is good for the environment, but it also carries pollutants from roads, parking lots, and other surfaces. When rain hits your siding rather than the earth around your home, it’s filtered before reaching groundwater sources. By reducing runoff in this way, you’re helping to keep more pollutants out of our lakes and rivers—which in turn helps protect wildlife habitat as well as our drinking water supply.

Better Protection Against Severe Weather Elements

Energy-efficient siding is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s made of strong materials that resist damage from wind and water, protecting you from the damaging effects of severe weather. If you want to make sure your home stays safe in extreme weather conditions, energy-efficient siding can help protect it from damage caused by rain, snow, wind, and other natural elements.

Energy-efficient siding not only saves on utility bills and increases resale value, it also protects your home from flooding by sealing windows and doors with durable silicone sealant or caulking. This prevents water from penetrating through cracks or gaps and entering the structure of the house, even in heavy rains.

Energy-efficient siding offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners.

Whether you’re looking to save money on utility bills, protect your home’s structural integrity and foundation, or enhance the comfort and value of your home—energy-efficient home siding installation offers a wide range of benefits.

Energy-efficient siding offers a great investment for homeowners by protecting the home’s exterior and interior, saving on utility bills and increasing resale value. Homeowners should consider energy-efficient siding when replacing their home’s siding.